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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Steelers Sunday Sortie

11/10 #217 15m
Rode from the Bastille to Big Dog Coffee on a Steelers home game Sunday. Passed through a bit of tailgating and foot traffic on the first leg, rode by a stadium with noticable empty seats on the return leg.

As Pittsburgh's trails have become more connected, more people have been coming out and using them, leading some early adopters to wistfully say "can't wait for the winter when we can have the trails back to ourselves", and today was one of those days. The only people out today were pure of heart™.

True to the theme, S and I encountered RedDan and his daughter (on her Hello Kitty bike) crossing the Hot Metal Bridge on their way out on a Coffeeneuring mission. I was very impressed.

Big Dog was excellent, as always.

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