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Friday, November 15, 2013

Sir Samelot, Piper's Pub, Randy's Bridge, Fred's Portal

11/15/2013 #212 31m
Started at the Bastille with a bit of bike rigging, putting extra lights on for the evening's Flock ride.

Went to Seneca and Tuscan Streets in Uptown to see if Sir Samelot had changed his kit for the impending Turkey-feast and he was, in fact, prepared for the times:

Crossed the Burmingham Bridge, which is always a great transition, and went to REI. Encountered BonVivant and MasterOfTheTrails YaleC, who is always entertaining and informative and possibly, as his traveling mate suggested, schmoozing enough to run for elected office.

Reversed and stopped at Piper's Pub. Shepherd's pie, keilbasa and cabbage while Scotland played US in soccer on the big screen. Most excellent.

Rode up Panther Hollow and did a bit of wayfinding across CMU to find the Randy Pausch bridge, which is illuminated in a changing LED pattern in the darkness, it's really very attractive.

Turns out, the best view of the lighting is from a distance. If you're on the bridge deck, you really don't get to see the presentation (which is awesome).

Joined the Flock of Cycles group for the monthly ride. Given the very mild conditions I expected more folks, but we still had about 35 people. Unfortunately the boom box is down for overhaul, I really missed the tunes.

Stopped in Squirrel Hill at ProBikes to check on an order from several weeks ago. Not very impressed at the response: Meh.

Coming back from the Flock we stopped at Point State Park which does have the Christmas Tree erected, but (as suspected) it's not lit yet, waiting on (hashtag) Light Up Night. Crossed to the NorthSide, saw Fred Rogers keeping an eye on things through his Burgh Portal:

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