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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Day3 Killens Pond State Park to Temperenceville, Va

11/3 93m
Killens Pond State Park to Tall Pines Harbor Campground at Temperenceville, Va.

Apparently, elves circled the universe overnight and reset all the clocks to NuTime™. Slept well. Woke up, made oatmeal for breakfast, walked to the pond, very nice. Plugged in electronics to recharge, now that the rain had passed.

I was very comfortable overnight, never zipped up my bag more than halfway. The morning was windy with a lot of visibility, typical post-cold-front day. Stops of the day were Dunkin Donuts, Grotto Pizza, and a Bob Evans.

I had made a decision to extend the day's mileage since the clock change would give me an extra hour of daylight before sunset, so I rode beyond my planned overnight. HAH! It gets dark earlier! You don't get an extra hour of daylight at the end of the day! I am such a schmuck.

Crossing the Virginia line and entering the Old South, there was a cigarettes-booze-gas stand decorated with rebel flags, a full-size replica of the CSS Virginia, and a sign proclaiming "the South starts here". How nice. Nostalgia for the days they wanted to kill American soldiers so they could own black people. Sweet.

Rode in the dark to Temperenceville Va. Surprised to notice that the billboards for the campground had very different directions from Google maps, and I decided to believe the billboards. The difference was about eight miles. Finally rode into the Tall Pines Harbor campground hours after sunset and as promised, I found a map with directions to my campsite at the (closed) office.

It's a tremendous facility, I look forward to seeing it in daylight. I cooked Raspberry Crumble for something to eat. 93 miles and a very cold night ahead.

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