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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Politically and Anatomically Correct Sharrow Markings - That's No Sharrow, it's a Sheryl !

11/21/2013 208# 25m
Dr. Pangloss was right; it is, in fact, the best of all possible worlds. Ended up with a great day and a great ride, which might have cancelled based on the weather forecast.

Started at the Bastille with S, rode to the Liberty Ave JimmyJohn's hoagie shop for a BikePghForum lunch meetup of 8 or so fellow travellers. A very nice time.

Departed intent on inspecting some new street markings, seems there's some new inclusive street markings on Smallman Street at 25th:

Attempted to post something witty about the incoming Mayor's administration, and Hizzoner-Himself retweeted it which I thought was very decent of him:

Rode through Lawrenceville, climbed up through Allegheny Cemetery, out to Centre Avenue to run an errand.

Next out to Squirrel Hill for another errand. It turned out to be a really nice, mild afternoon. Returned via Schenley Park, Junction Hollow Trail, and the Jail Trail. Got back to the cars before dark and before any rain, another successful adventure without casualty.

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