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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Diorama and Newb Aversion

11.16.2013 #211 25m
Parked on the outskirts of the Burgh at the Bastille and rode into the City for a meeting. Passing by the football stadium I heard my name and was so pleased to see PaulD and the lovely Deb on their way into the Pitt game.

Downtown the celebrity sightings continued with a glimpse of Burghman rollerblading through the Metropolis. (We note that Burghman lists Bill Peduto as one of his sidekicks.)

After the meeting I met S. and we checked out an illuminated-timeline display of the Homestead Strike (built by Don Sentner of Design Specialties ) in the lobby of the Steelworkers Building. It's the best depiction of the action that I've seen.

Rode down to Keystone Metals, Sandcastle, and the Pump House. It was interesting to see the Pump House and the Pinkertons Landing Bridge after viewing the timeline-diorama.

Reversed and returned. With the mild afternoon, there were a lot of people on the trail. It's nice to see the bikes out, but when I approach a turn and I can choose which way to go, I find myself saying - whichever way they're not going, that's my choice.

A beautiful mild day, 25 miles.

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