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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Constellation Coffee Reconnaissance, Coffeeneuring 8

11/11 #217 9m
Started our Veteran's Day ride at Millvale to avoid any assemblies that might have been happening at the USS Requin.

Crossed the 40th Street Bridge and then climbed up through the Allegheny Cemetery, which is always a nice transition. Got out of there just as a burial convoy was forming up.

Short ride to 4059 Penn to the newly established Constellation Coffee (web).

I like this place, and I like the vibe more than the previous incarnation at the same location. They're still ramping up their portfolio but it looks like they're off to a great start. Owner Amy Weiland brings three years of experience at Tazza d'Oro with her.

The espresso was excellent, and S was very pleased with her hot chocolate.

Rode into downtown, and at 10th Street we got a look at the traffic rerouting around the Veteran's Day parade and reversed course. Used the 16th Street Bridge, took the NorthSideTrail. Stopped at the Heinz Loft Cafe just to see what that was all about, and rode back to the Millvale trailhead. It felt like the day was warming up, just as we were getting off the bikes.

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