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Monday, August 5, 2013

Trayvon Martin Mural

8/05/13 #239 30m
Got to ride with S. today. Started at the Bastille, rode around the Casino, then went out to North Charles and Ferris Street to see the MLK mural in progress about Trayvon Martin.

It's really very nicely done, and riding towards the location you can see it from blocks away on North Charles Street. Got to talk with Kemel Poindexter, the project leader, and several of the kids working on the site.

Rode down to the Federal Street railroad underpass in hopes of seeing some sign or explanation of the mathematical equation mural recently put on display and we were pleased to see a sign with a title, " = The Light At The End of The Tunnel". The primary artist, Casey Drogue, makes quantification of the unquantifiable her artform.

Went out to Millvale, but the new Community Library isn't open yet. They do have an impressive garden in the back. Returned around the Carnegie Science Center, noticed some new "share the road (trail)" signs.

It is not lost upon us that the intent of these signs is to get the bicyclists to play nice with the vulnerable pedestrians.

After riding 17miles in the morning, I had the opportunity in the afternoon to drop a car off at the garage and ride home for another 13 miles, producing 30 miles for the day.

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