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Friday, August 16, 2013

Idaho Imports, Murals, Chateau Cafe, Creped Crusader, Sunset Flock

8/17/2013 54m 239#
Started off early with an opportunity to escort two visiting cyclists onto the GAP Trail to kickoff their Pittsburgh to DC ride. Mark and Betty flew into Pittsburgh from Idaho, just because of the bike trail.

Let's identify some economic impact. Flew into the airport, took a cab, dinner at a restaurant, night in a hotel. Two rental bikes from a Pittsburgh provider. Not bad. It was a treat to ride out to Boston PA with them and get to point out the sights. They were very impressed at Pittsburgh and the trail environment.

Later I met S at the Bastille, and we rode to see a new mural (still in progress) at Bicycle Heaven:

Then we navigated over to the brand-new Chateau Cafe and Cakery at 1501 Preble Avenue. Very nice coffee shop, I had a cupcake and a double-espresso and they were excellent. Nice bike trail coffee shop.

We rode around Brighton Street and checked out the progress on the Trayvon Martin - Jordan Miles mural, still being developed.

Rode to Oakland, saw Squonk Opera preparing for a performance on Schenley Quad. Noticed that The Creped Crusader had set up shop at the Oakland Farmer's Market, had to order a crepe and it was just nom nom nom good. Follow them at @Creped_Crusader to see where they may next arise. Key tagline: Not the crepes this city deserves, but the crepes this city needs right now. (Post-Gazette article)

Joined the Flock of Cycles ride shaping up at Dippy. This month's ride is the BikeFest edition of Flock. It was a great ride, excellent tunes on both of the playlists we heard. Key "Seen" moment was when the ride crossed in front of Ambassador Rick Seyback while his car was at a stop sign. We ended entering Point State Park after sunset.

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