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Friday, August 2, 2013

Packaging and a good response

8/02/2013 244 14m
Rode to work, and then rode to the garage to retrieve my car.

I have to say, driving home with the bike on the rack was a mixed experience. I prefer riding home on the bike. The bill at the garage was not trivial, either.

Of course, there's still the bike shorts thing as evidenced by today's cartoon.

In other more significant news, a cyclist was run over by a drunk driver in Pittsburgh's Oakland neighborhood this morning. Although the media coverage did fall into some known patterns (hit by the car vs. hit by the driver), they did do very well on a few fronts; no obligatory recitation of helmet status, no recitation of the cyclist's name, and they did reveal the driver's name. The police immediately arrested the driver for DUI. Terrible accident but a better than average response. Cyclist is in the hospital with back and leg injuries.

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