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Sunday, August 4, 2013


8/04/2013 38m 242#
Got to ride with an old friend and my bike teacher MC today.

Magnificent weather for August, about 73F. Rode from the Bastille down to the Riverton Bridge. Stopped at the Pump House for my first funnel cake on the way back, and then at the Waterfront Starbucks for caffeine.

M. is my word-maven and we discussed the proper formulation of a neologism for the emotional condition that arises when I'm riding the bike along at a nice speed and the cars on the adjacent roadway are stopped in gridlock. It would be some variation on schadenfreude. For now, I've settled on modalfreude, the satisfaction derived when your transpo modality is effective and another mode isn't.

There were a lot of small groups of five or six on the trails today, skewing toward the matron demographic. Saw a huge group of cyclists in Push America kit at the Bastille trailhead getting ready to push off on a group ride. 38 miles and man was I tired when it was done.

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