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Monday, August 12, 2013

Blanket Bombing Bridges Beats Bra's

8/12/2013 #235 36m
Great ride. Started off chilly, ended up quite warm.

Began at the Bastille at 0700 and met RedDan, who dropped off my new Pittsburgh Randonneurs long-sleeve wool jersey as he bike-commuted to work. Great guy. I'm very happy to have this, it's a hometown jersey and I think it looks sharp. Plus it's wool, and it's the time of year to be preparing with booties, wool, and headlights. Also, after 28 years it's time I owned something gold-and-black.

I was glad to have the sweater as it was kind of chilly as S. and I pushed off, but before we got to the Casino we'd shed the outer layers.

Saw the Monday morning version of the yarn-bombed Warhol bridge. The blankets will be donated for homeless shelters. I like this sort of bridge decoration and good-works a lot, some of the blankets were art works in their own right and it turned the bridge walkways into galleries. Plus, I like this a lot more than lining the Hot Metal Bridge with 4000 bra's for a month and then donating them to women's shelters.

Circled around and took a photo of the Warhol bridge from the downtown shore. Meanwhile, a homeless person's tent was pitched under the bridge and it seemed like both the topside and belowdecks were equally unaware of the other.

Rode east past Sandcastle. Very excited to see new bike racks at Costco in the Waterfront.

Rode out to Braddock for breakfast at the Braddock Cafe, but was disappointed to find them closed. Reversed and rode west. Departed the Jail Trail at Grant Street, cut across town and had a late breakfast at the world-famous KellyO's. Excellent meal.

Rode over to see the new mural (still in progress) at the Arts Tavern on Penn and 29th by the MLK folks:

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