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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Pittsburgh: Pass (Bike/People) With Care Campaign


New billboard in Pittsburgh's Lawrenceville neighborhood, at Doughboy Square:

This is truly awesome. Pittsburgh has had a growth spurt of bicycling and growth pains in the driver-cyclist relationship which have, at their most severe, manifested themselves in fatalities and hit-and-runs. Fugly.

The key to Pittsburgh's consciousness is black-and-gold, one side says Steelers, one side says Pirates, and somehow the other side says Penguins. A billboard with Steeler Antonio Brown, who is a real-life bike commuter, is going to go a huge way in breaking the ice. What driver wants to be the guy who hurts the Steelers' chances?

Other images are also going up in this campaign. This are several bus stop signs:

I know that the priest is Father Doug Boyd, from St. Maria Goretti parish in Bloomfield/Garfield. So these are real Pittsburgh cyclists, not stock-image dropins.

This is really awesome.

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