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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Running On Empty

8/06/2013 #237 20m
I just didn't feel like I had the mojo today. Way before I started to ride I felt empty and kind of under-powered. As soon as I started my legs felt heavy and leaden.

Instead of riding 30 as planned, I stopped at 10 miles out and sat in the shade of a tree in a park, drinking a cold Coke and eating a food bar and trying to collect myself. Reversed and rode back home.

Not a disaster. Didn't bonk, but flirted with it. Felt like I had overtrained, except I'm not training and I'm not riding long. Maybe a day off is in order.

OTOH, it was a beautiful day. I saw a few cyclists out on the local roads and that doesn't happen to often. Drivers were extremely courteous. A great day for a ride.

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