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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Waffalonia Ride

6/05/2012 23m
A late start at 5pm because of: work. Argghhh.

Started at the Bastille, met Yale Cohen riding outside the Casino, and I didn't know that he rode north of the Allegheny River. rode to REI-Southside with S, made a return. Crossed the Hot Metal Bridge and rode up the Junction Hollow Trail to Oakland. Stopped in Steel City Bikes for a magnet for my cadence sensor which worked really well, and now I've got my cadence mojo back and it feels so good.

Stopped at Schenley Quad, Met HelenS from the BikePgh forum. Visited the Waffalonia stand for some ice cream/strawberry waffles, that was most excellent. Descended down to 2nd Avenue, saw Stef-B with a remarkable headlight at Swinburne Street. Crossed the Hot Metal Bridge, saw Mikhael riding at SouthSide works.

It was such a nice evening - the humidity had broken and there was a cool breeze, but we were losing the light so we headed back toward the cars. S crushed another cyclist climbing the Ft. Duquesne bridge and left him whimpering. It had to be done.

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