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Saturday, June 8, 2013

MS150, Seneca Valley to Allegheny College

6/8/2015 82m MS150-1

Joined a friend's team on the MS150, a very nice group of people. Somebody (not sure who) passed around a note with advice about preparing for the ride, I thought I'd copy it here --

  • Set up your bike a few days ahead of the event, and then don't tinker with it.
  • The big ride is the wrong time to experiment with new food, gels, or drinks.
  • Sunscreen and chamois cream on day one will make for a better day two.
  • Abstain from riding and drinking alcohol the day before the ride.
  • Abstain from all sexual activity (alone or with a partner) for 96 hours before the ride.
  • You control the space between you and the cyclist ahead of you.
  • On the ride: eat before your hungry, drink before your thirsty.
Unfortunately, they forget to include this advice which I needed to hear:
  • Refrain from falling off your bike the day before the MS150, destroying your shifter levers and giving yourself two big ouchies.

We massed up very early, 0530 at Seneca Valley High School, and ended up starting the ride around 0730. It was a very nice course - well marked, lots of directors standing at the major turns, good roads. There were some major hills but nothing epic.

I felt off the first hour, I pressed my little-used road bike into service because I'd smashed up the Surly LHT on Friday, and I wasn't quite in my groove on this bike.

The rest stops and water stops were well placed, well stocked, and well staffed. Couldn't ask for more, this was a really well run event. We did 82 miles, got to Allegheny College around 4pm, found our places in a dorm suite, got showered and enjoyed a great meal in the dining hall and there was beer in the beer garden.

I think one of the key things that made this a great day (besides the awesome team organization) was the oh-dark-hundred muster and startup, which left us with all sort of leisure at the end of the day.

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