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Friday, June 7, 2013

Custom Helmets, WYSIWYG, a new Bike Trail Bakery

6/07/13 28m
Today's forecast was for rain but the actual conditions were quite nice, so in a hurried mishmash of coordination I converged in town with S and R.

Started at the Bastille with S, rode to Point State Park where the TRAF (Three Rivers Arts Festival) is just getting underway. Saw a truly awesome display of custom, handpainted bicycle helmets by Julie of Pittsburgh-based Ferocious Ostrich. These were really nice work.

I'm going to call Julie, I think I want a high-viz Peter Max sort of design.

Rode the Jail Trail (saw Mikhail!) to the Hot Metal Bridge, rode over to Thick Bikes to meet R. Rode the SouthSide Trail past Keystone Metals over to Sandcastle, saw Mikhail again, it was like he'd done a Superman and orbitted the globe.

I stopped paying attention while chatting, hooked my handlebars in the fence and did a major BikeFail onto the new trail segment. I think I demonstrated WYSIWYG 2.0, which these days for cyclists means Where You Stare is Where You Go. This one left a mark. I broke my left-side bar-end shifter, possibly by impaling my leg with it, and smacked my wrist a bit.

Continued into Homestead and tried the Blue Bonnet Bakery, which was recommended to us by Sara P. Wow wow wow, this is a great old-school bakery, reasonably priced, an excellent bike trip destination.

Departed and rode north. Signs of preparation for next week's "Point Made" celebration are all around, cleaning and landscaping and signage Oh My. Took the Ft. Pitt Bridge into Point State Park, and it's just like flypaper with the Arts Festival going on, it just goes slowly right now.

Really a great ride.

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