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Saturday, June 15, 2013

GAP Complete (except for the gap)

6/15/2013 24m
Point Made, Completion of the Gap, etc. Today is the designated official Grand Opening of the Great Allegheny Passage bike trail through Sandcastle etc all the way to Point State Park.

see the bikes in the street on the completed bike trail?

(Although it isn't complete, of course. The GAP is not complete to Point State Park. The GAP is complete to Smithfield Street, when 352 miles of trails ends a mile short of the Point and you can finish your motor-vehicle-free ride by trying to not get killed in the last mile. (Related story )

Still, complete of the Sandcastle-Keystone Metals section is a huge, long-awaiting accomplishment that deserves a celebration. It's a significant project in terms of funding, engineering, project management, and equitable access and it opens entirely new neighborhoos up to safe bike traffic.

Started the morning on the North Side with R., rode to Point State Park, took this picture of the new bronze marker embedded at the Point. As I understand it, this is the "official" terminus of the Great Allegheny Passage.

I don't get the symbolism of the turtle icon, unless it's an invocation of "turtles all the way down", which I wish more people would invoke.

Continued to the Hot Metal Bridge, stopped for coffee and a piece of poppy seed cake. Rode to the Costco gate of Sandcastle to meet other cyclists volunteering to help work the celebration.

We rode back to town and our post was Market St and Ft. Pitt Blvd. It was a pretty simple task, we were supposed to keep an eye on the red/green lights, the auto traffic, and the progressing cyclists and try to make sure no cyclists got hit by cars. I got to give a shout-out to both Linda Boxx and Mayor Tom Murphy as they rode past.

After the ride we stopped at the BikePgh photo booth to have our pictures taken with our bikes, then back to the Bastille. A very nice day with a celebration of a big accomplishment. 24 miles.

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  1. I was a "Event Volunteer" at the other end..park cars near Steak N'Shake - waterfront...but I must have rode past you on the new gap in the GAP - Ft. Pitt Blvd.! A little weird to celebrate the finish of a trail by riding on one of the busiest streets in the 'Burgh. But again I ain't complaining!!