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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Bring your Bike to Pittsburgh's Rainbow Ride Friday June 14th


Pittsburgh has a cycling group called Flock of Cycles that arose as a different set of answers to the bicycle streets/safety/access issues. The Flock rides are calm, rule-observing, law-abiding, and focus on cordial co-existence. Also, they're fun and generally involve music.

On Friday June 14, bring your bike and join Flock of Cycles and the LGBTQ community for Rainbow Ride.

From the Flock website:

We’ll meet at 6pm at Dippy the Dinosaur (on Forbes Ave in Oakland, in front of the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, across from the Cathedral of Learning).

The ride will depart at 6:30pm and will be 8-10 miles with a surprise destination. Fun guaranteed!
Helmets, lights, and adherence to traffic laws will be required.
Please invite your friends! Dress in your pride best!
Flock rides stop at all stop signs and red lights, and helmets and lights are required.

From the Facebook page:

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