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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Lewis and Clark, The Three Ladies of Gist Street, Kudos to Mitchells Fish Market

6/29/13 25m
Started at the Bastille with S, rode around to Point State Park and saw an amazing sand sculpture in progress: Sacagawea and Lewis and Clark and Seaman, their trusty canine companion. An amazing tableau.

Continued to Gist Street to see the recently re-established dachsund, which had been stolen and then returned, slightly damaged. It was great to see her returned.

While there, we noticed some new artwork. I don't know the proper titles, but for the time being I refer to them as Big Kitty Little Kitty.

I have christened this The Three Ladies of Gist Street. All very nice. I'm inclined to assume that the center figure is Frida Kahlo, the bird on the necklace is consistent with other depictions of FK but there's no attribution. Gist Street is the most awesome few blocks of public art in Pittsburgh.

While we were in Uptown, we continued to visit Sir Samelot and were impressed at his preparations for the 4th of July. Sir Samelot is very patriotic.

We manuevered onto the Birmingham Bridge over to South South and joined the trail to ride to the Waterfront. I was very impressed to see that Mitchell's Fish Market, which you might think does not draw much business from the bike trail, had a table out by the trail with two big coolers filled with ice water, paper cups, and a "welcome bicyclists" sign. That is very nice of them. Kudos to Mitchells Fish Market and John Cornwall, the assistant general manager. You just don't see too many welcome signs like that (although Costco has one up too, as previously noted)

Reversed course, rode to the South Side, stopped at Big Dog Coffee for iced tea and smoothies. Very nice as always. Continued northwest on the SouthSide trail to the Ft. Pitt Bridge, crossed over to the Ft. Duquesne Bridge. The NorthSide was crowded with a baseball game coming up. Back to the Bastille with 25.6 miles on the clock, a very nice ride.

There were a lot of people on all of the trails today and there were bicycles everywhere. You'd think it was a bike-friendly city or something.

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