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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Short Sunday in Morningside

11/4/12 12m
Riding out to today's ride I got to listen to the Commonwealth Club on the local NPR station, that used to be a Sunday morning treat when I worked midnights. Today I really enjoyed it, Steven Pinker arguing that violence has declined and providing causes for that change. (I'm sure Roger Ailes Fox News has covered that, also, what do we need NPR for anyway?)

Started riding at 0700 nü-time, right after sunrise, at Millvale with S. Rode with my new DesignShine tail light, very positive first impressions.

Came upon this courtyard mural at 4719 Blackberry Way:

This Book of Revelation-inspired mural at 4814 Blackberry Way, home of Studio 4814, depicts demons, drugs and violence in the community.

"Lawrenceville Alive" on Butler Street - I've taken this before and lost my photo.

Mural going into the Pittsburgh Zoo:

Highland Park Mural, 5719 Bryant Street:

Mural, "Good Morning", by jeffrey Schreckengost, which replaced a previous mural at the same location:

More and more.

It was a short ride for me, only 12 miles because of time constraints, but it was wonderful to get out on the bike, and it was my first ride into Morningside.

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