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Monday, November 26, 2012

High Viz Isn't Bulletproof

11/26/12 239# 33M
I had originally planned to ride the Freeport-Butler-Freeport trail, but S. pointed out that might not have been the smartest use of my limited time on this earth what with today being the first day of deer season.

Blaze orange isn't bulletproof, and I completely believe that superior judgement helps one avoid situations that permit demonstration of superior skills, like first aid for bullet wounds. So today was an urban ride, from the Bastille to Duquesne round-trip.

Rode to downtown, and as we rode down Blvd of the Allies I saw a queue of people along the rectory at St. Mary of Mercy Parish. Staff was distributing bag lunches to anybody in need. This "Red Door Program" is Saint Mary's oldest continuous program, having started in the Great Depression. It was a sobering thing to see.

Hot Metal Bridge, Southside Trail to Keystone Metals. Clear progress being made on the trail segment through Keystone Metals, even since last week. Where Haysglen Street runs between Keystone Metals and Sandcastle, metal bridge supports on the Keystone property have been positioned to provide a new boundary for the trail space.

No evident progress or work done on the Sandcastle side since the ceremony, but the man/person-gate has been continuously closed-yet-unlocked which pleases me greatly, it's so eminently practical and I really do appreciate their making the accommodation.

Reversed and it eventually seemed quite warm, it got up to 45F. 33 miles. (6445+33= 6478 ytd)

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