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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Rule Nine on the Montour Trail

11/17/12 240 21M
Started on the Montour Trail at McDonald, riding south. Surprised to find my rear tire flat, spent time fooling around with that - couldn't find a hole, filled the tire and it held air, tried troubleshooting but couldn't locate the trouble. I hate starting a ride on a suspect tire.

I was surprised to find that from MP17 to around MP22 the trail was surprisingly soft and moist. The weather has been dry and clear lately. In my ongoing lifestyle of making up things that satisfy apparent puzzles, I wonder if there was a bit of surface freeze that subsequently melted in the bright sun and high afternoon temps (50F). I don't know if that makes any sense, it's just all I've got.

I met D and Ringo on the trail, got to say hello. Sorry to see that the PortaJohns have been removed for the winter, I don't completely get that - I get that they're a bit noxious in August, but I'd think they're less nasty in the winter.

Rode as far as Morganza Road. When it's November and cold, everybody you meet on the trail is a Rule Nine Badass, even the grandparents, it's like - no noobs here, they'll be back in the spring, everybody is a badass. That's cool.

Got off the trail right at sunset. The tire held all the air I put in it, leaving me to wonder if my ride last night was on an uninflated tire. Mysteries abound. 21 miles.

Recent events, and the cancellation of a planned bike trip, have put me off my bike mileage goal. On a linear progression to 7000 miles I should be at 6300 today and 6500 on 12/01, but instead I am at 6219 today, so today I'm 81 miles behind where I should be in perfect world.

   Nov 17, 2012
this week: 182 miles
4th Qtr 908 miles
18.9 mi/day4QTD
2012: 6219 miles

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