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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ducks in a Row, Seeing Septuagenarian Cyclists

11/20/12 28M
Started at the Bastille, rode around the North Side where everybody is so behaved even the ducks use the crosswalks.

Rode the Jail Trail and Junction Hollow Trails, out to Whole Foods in East Liberty. This mural, across the street, has gone through a few updates and adjustments since it's original depiction. I think this is probably the final view:

I also got to take another photo of this glass mosaic on the side of Whole Foods. With three murals on the W-F building itself, the one across the street, and the nearby busway station murals, there's a pretty good cluster of public art right there.

Whole Foods is pretty fun to watch two days before Thanksgiving. S and I met with G and B, two bicyclists who rode from Pittsburgh to Harpers Ferry this fall. It was great to see them and hear about their trip.

They had rented bikes for their party of four from Golden Triangle Bike Rentals and they couldn't say enough good things about Tom and the way they'd been taken care of.

In Rockwood they came upon a group of bicyclists from Erie on the same itinerary with a support van who agreed to carry their panniers and offer a bit of sag-wagon support, which really made their trip go easier.

They came off the trail in Harper's Ferry, and the bike shop in Williamsport provided a shuttle van to bring them back to Pittsburgh.

These ladies (retired Pitt PhD's) are athletes but hadn't really done any preparation in terms of riding for even a few days, but they managed 40 to 45-mile days and had a really good time. It was neat to see somebody in their age group that just went for an adventure and had a good time.

Took a few photos of some murals, one across the street from Whole Foods. Back to the Hot Metal Bridge, Keystone Metals, Ft. Pitt Bridge, back to the Bastille. A very nice day.

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