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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Brighton Up and the Koppel Golden Triangle

11/22/12 33M
Rode north along Route 18. This used to be a frequent route for me but I haven't been up here in quite a while.

In New Brighton, I was surprised to see a vacant lot at 915 Third Avenue being developed into a plaza of sorts, decorative brick still being laid and some sculpture being installed. Riding by on the street I thought they were two boxers, but standing in the plaza they might be dancers or lovers. Click here for more on the BrightonUp project.

Continued north through Beaver Falls. I noticed they've torn down the old Granada movie theater, the last of the old-school movie houses in Beaver County. My last few trips into Beaver Falls were in the dark, making 0500 Orams Doughnuts runs.

Made my turn-around at Route 351 (fave walk of The Green Man) in Koppel. The area once had a significant manufacturing base, but now the Route 18 - I76 - PA351 "Golden Triangle" has focused on a more seminal economy.

Reversed and made it home in time to shower and have about ten minutes before Thanksgiving Dinner. 33 miles in 60F. Many things to be thankful for.

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