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Monday, November 12, 2012

Montour Trail, 45 Miles

11/12/12 240# 45m
Up early this morning, started at the McDonald Trailhead on the Montour Trail at 0715 with S.

Rode out to FarmHouse Coffee, met R and Ringo, had coffee and muffins, then continued east.

Rode the north fork and the Bethel Branch out to Logan Road, then the south fork on the Montour Trail / GAP to the Library Trestle. Reversed, stopped again at Farmhouse Coffee for snack-2, then pressed back to the start.

Once again, the promised tailwind once failed to materialize. Stopped at Tandem Connection for a little reconnaissance. We got back to our cars about an hour before the rain started, a very nice day (65F at the finish). Trail conditions were excellent.

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