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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sewickley Bridge and Ambridge Bridge

11/28/12 239# 33M
A sunny, slightly windy, 37F kind of day, perfect for bicycling.

Departed the Res and joined Route 51 to the Sewickley Bridge, enroute to StarBucks (which is one of my favorites, because they leave the honey packets out for the taking, a policy which I interpret as the tender of an implicit contract to be completed at the tip box).

Departed Sewickley via Beaver Street, and the run from the Sewickley Bridge to the Ambridge Bridge via Beaver Street and Merchant Street is one of my favorite small-town routes in the area - there's variation, continual curves, and it's a very safe route.

Back to the future, the Ambridge Bridge is open again, although with a reduced-width roadway and no sidewalk (gosh!) but it is nice to have that option to cross the river and I made good use of it.

I was glad to have the Design Shine tail light turning back north on 51 as darkness fell, and then I rode through Monaca and rode 18 South for a while. A very pretty sunset, and 33 miles in the bag. (6478+33= 6,511 miles ytd)

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