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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Western Panhandle

08/09/12 239# 40m
Rode the Panhandle Trail, McDonald to Wierton round-trip.

Started in McDonald early with R and K. Rode west uneventfully, trail conditions were excellent (especially in the recently upgraded sections) and the last 8.5 miles are descending.

Stopped at the western terminus for a break and a snack. Each time I go out there, I think that I should investigate the local roads and try to see what's involved in continuing to Stuebenville, but the local folks in the trailhead weren't very encouraging so we left that for another day.

Departed eastbound. It's a persistent climb coming out of there, and with the effort our conversation tended to lag a bit. It was a bit hotter and muggier than I expected. It was the height of luxury to be able to pull out a bottle of mostly-frozen water for the last quarter of the ride.

Back to the trailhead and bikes on cars just in time for the rain showers to start, perfect timing. This year the Panhandle is every bit as nice as the Montour Trail.

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