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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mind the GAP Escort Service

08/07/12 235# 38m
Something a little bit different in today's ride: pro bono escort service.

Officially, technically, wink wink the trail from Pittsburgh to DC suffers a 2-mile interruption at Keystone Metals and Sandcastle, near the Glenwood Bridge. It's the gap in the GAP Trail. Persons concerned with formalities, litigation, and liability tell bicyclists that the DC-Pittsburgh trail ends in Homestead.

Practically, realistically, there's no significant problem riding from the Point downtown all the way to DC; there's just a widely used if unauthorized alternative route across the interruption, and a general absence of wayfinding cues.

Today I got out at oh-dark-hundred and drove to McKeesport, parking my car at the police station and riding my bike toward Pittsburgh on the trails. I met S. enroute at Keystone Metals, and we continued to Point State Park.

At 0830, transient cyclist Scott appeared with his bike, ready to ride to DC. And we rode with him past the Vale of Ambiguity and Swirling Confusion to Boston PA, and wished him Bon Voyage, and then reversed to my car waiting nearby.

Late in the day, the email genie brought news that he'd successfully made it to Ohiopyle. I hope he has a good adventure, and I hope the GAP is formally completed soon.

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