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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Montour Mural

08/23/12 235# 15m
I encountered a mechanical last night in the form of a Charlie Horse while playing racketball being schooled by my son. Wednesday night and most of Thursday my starboard calf was mainly seized up.

Years ago I'd have resorted to an immoderate application of BenGay, but that was before I learned the truth. I used to believe the Big Lie that BenGay (developed in France by Dr. Jules Bengué, inevitably) applied heat to your skin and muscles. Turns out, methyl salicylate doesn't generate any heat, it just head-fakes your nervous system into thinking it's hot. It's kind of like misleading your skin, or hacking your sensors. If I think about that for too long it gets all Matrix rabbit-holey; still think your leg is hot? You think that's air you're breathing?

I felt the need to move around a bit so, in spite of my philosophical concerns, I schmeared BenGay all over it and went for a short ride on the Montour Trail, Enlow to Groveton and back, 15 miles. It felt much better afterwards. The Motrin probably helped.

I did notice this mural at Beaver Grade Road, courtesy of Sto-Rox High School 2003, first I've photographed on the Montour Trail:

On another front, very excited to learn that Park(ing) Day Pittsburgh will be Sept 21, 2012.

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