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Monday, August 6, 2012

Verdant Fecundity and an Ouchie

08/06/12 236# 50m 3+48
Started the day off bikewise by stopping at my LBS and ordering a new bombproof wheelset, tandem hubs and 40 spokes and mondo rims, I'm looking forward to seeing how they ride.

A beautiful day. Started at Enlow on the Montour Trail, indulged myself by listening to the radio on the trail, NPR/EPR. Got to hear a sponsormercial from Range Resources, they're like the Borg. Rode out to MP32 and the Farmhouse Coffee/Subway McMurrary MegaBikePlex. The outdoor seating area is so green and lush right now, a very cool bike ride destination. Wifi, ice cream, coffee. Subway across the street. Wow.

I Got An Ouchie On the way back, I managed to make several cascading bad decisions in quick succession and ended up careering into the new steel grid fence along the trail at MP20-ish, just north of Galati Road. I wandered into the soft trail edge and was moving into the fence, and instead of behaving like a 50-year old - unclipping, braking, and degrading gracefully - I tried to play it like a 20-year old and attempted to bounce off the fence. Cue the Bad Decision Dinosaur.

A bit of scuffing here, some road rash there, and my chainring took some bites out of my ankle, so perhaps I'll learn from this. I did get a pretty good adrenaline rush out of the crash and used it to keep up a great pace for the rest of the ride.

This year, I'm average a significant fall from the bike every 1000 miles. That's pretty easy for me to estimate, because today I crossed 3800 miles this year, and this is my fourth fall of 2012 - I mean, even I can figure this one out. A few years ago it was one fall every 500 miles, so I'm making progress.

They're replacing / upgrading a lot of the trail bollards that are placed to keep quads etc off the trails; the new ones have a lower profile, much less likely to grab your handlebars, it's a real improvement.

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