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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Night Ride

08/11/12 235# 36m
A cool, evening ride for a change of pace.

Started at the Bastille around 6.15pm. Rode through some people making their way to a Pirates game, then continued out to Millvale. There was a big party going on in the Millvale Park. 40th Street Bridge, a few back streets to about 46th Street, then I popped out to Butler Street.

I was surprised to see a concert on the lower field at the Allegheny Cemetery, which my Mad Google-Skillz later discovered to be the R.A.N.T. Lawrenceville (rock all night tour), very cool indeed.

Continued east to Allegheny River Blvd, took a right turn and climbed away from the river up to Bakery Square. Stopped at the coffee shop for some icewater then reversed back toward Dahntahn via Penn, 40th Street, Butler, Penn, 24th, and the Strip District Trail.

There were quite a lot of boats in the water, I imagine for the fireworks display after the Pirates game. There was a barge positioned in the Allegheny River which I suppose was the pyrotechnic platform.

Point State Park, Blvd of the Allies, Grant Street and the Jail Trail. Hot Metal Bridge at 9pm, at which time it was a truly night-time ride and I was enjoying my lights. While the Jail Trail gets a lot of ambient light from the adjacent highways, the trails on the west side of the Mon are darker than the inside of a cow (as my friend J would say).

Baldwin Trail down to Keystone Metals, saw an awful lot of SuicideBunnies who wanted to play DivineWind with my front wheel. Managed to avoid hitting any. Reversed course at the trail's end; rode around South Side Works for a few minutes, there was a band and an outdoor beer event going on.

Hot Metal Bridge, Jail Trail downtown, hoping to get past the Casino before the baseball game started disgorging disoriented baseball fans (which I did). Ft. Duquesne Bridge to the Bastille at 10pm, 36 miles.

   Aug 11, 2012 Week 30
this week:
164 miles
  236#  3rd Qtr 939 miles  
2012: 3957 miles

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