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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sunset Ride, New Bike Shop

08/30/12 232# 42m
Back on the bike after a short hiatus due to (shudder) work.

Started at Boggs, where a volunteer work crew was building a new campground for through cyclists. Rode south to McMurray. I love the way the bike rides with the new wheels, very stable and it feels efficient.

Passing by the new trailhead at Morganza Road I was pleasantly surprised to see the discussed new bike shop, Tandem Connection, with signs up at their new location. I stopped in but they're not open for business yet. Spoke with one of the owners, he just ordered 32 bikes today; must be a daunting thing to roll out a new retail business. I wish them all the best and I hope trail riders support the business, because it's in our interest for them to succeed.

Financing for the new bike shop came with the support of the Progress Fund, which does economic development work along the bike trails.

There's been a few new bike shops in the metro area the last few years; Thick Bike in SouthSide, LoveBikes in Lawrenceville, and now Tandem Connection. Maybe that's a sign of a healthy bike economy.

Farmhouse Coffee was closed, went to Subway, 6" flatbread and filled all my bottles with ice water. Living large.

Reversed and rode back at about 6.30 pm. Not too many people out on the trail. Just a good ride and it was great to have ice-cold drinks. It was dark the last fifteen minutes of the ride, which was fun riding but I was fumbling a bit putting the bike back on the car. Fortunately there was a good bit of moonlight.

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