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Monday, August 27, 2012

Gafugly Diabetes Numbers and National Tunnel

08/27/12 238# 28m

Started off the day in my Doctor's office. Although the blog title is about diabetes and weight, very little of the blog content refers to those items, recapitulating my internal disfunction; although I am a Type2 Clydesdale, I pay too little attention to it and instead prefer to ride my bike.

The Doctor's report today was "gafugly", a portmanteau-manquee of good-fugly, meaning "good results from a fuck-ugly process that you don't want to watch", a sort of success in spite of efforts sufficient to thwart it.

My various diabetes numbers - in fact, all my parameters - are all within the "normal range" for the first time in many years, which is great news. I'm not post-diabetic as much as I'm in remission, and if I walked into a doctor's office tabula rasa they'd probably categorize me as "pre-diabetic", meaning that I'm just about diabetic - but not quite.

So that's very good news, and in general I attribute the outcome to (1) my bicycling and (2) my retiring, because I'm really not doing too much else right. So it was good news AND I need to stop screwing around.

Started riding at the Boggs Trailhead, pausing to appreciate the new campground being built for through-cyclists. Saw quite a few volunteers working on the trail around Route 50, trimming back the jungle and working on the trail surface - I tried to thank each one of them, but if I missed anybody: thank you very much!

Rode west then south, taking a brief bike-nap around MP24, then continuing through the National Tunnel. Took a seat and ate a snack, mesmerized by the green wall alive with flowers and bees; most of the plants are Japanese Knotwood, an invasive species, but it is an attractive green wall if you don't think about it too much.

Reversed back to Boggs, a pretty uneventful trip which I take to mean the absolutely magnificent trail is almost becoming a routine.

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  1. Way to go with your blood sugar stats. Though you down-play it, you're apparently doing something right!