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Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Ride to be Thankful For

11/24/11 #243 23m 45F
Rode 23 miles around downtown Pittsburgh.

Started at the Bastille in Manchester. There's a detour just north of the Casino where an old warehouse is being demolished, the detour is very nicely done. Approaching the stadium, I saw that my normal route was blocked by floodwaters.

I rode via streets and then the trail out to Millvale, and crossed the Allegheny on the 40th Street bridge aka Washington's Crossing. I was intrigued to see the collection of state seals along the footpath, I've never seen them before.

I continued on 40th Street up the hill to Penn, then turned right and rode downtown. I intended to join the trail at the Convention Center, but that whole section was flooded.

I stopped near Occupy Pittsburgh, which seemed quite calm. Two local TV stations were filming what I assume was Thanksgiving in the Camp footage. No visible police presence.

On Blvd of the Allies I saw a vehicle from a Zelionople restaurant, Herbe's Z-Town Cafe, distributing hot meals to the needy. I thought that was most excellent. Turns out that Randy Herbe, owner of the Z-Town Cafe, is part of Feed My Sheep, a volunteer group that provides food, clothing and supplies to homeless and poor people living in the Pittsburgh area.

I joined the Jail Trail at Grant Street. The local trails were very quiet, very few people out. I expected more with the pretty day. Crossed the Mon on the Hot Metal Bridge, rode north to Station Square and across the Ft. Pitt bridge, where I took this picture of flooded Point State Park:

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