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Sunday, November 13, 2011

National Tunnel and Tandem Ghost Bike

11/13/11 32m 65F
Rode the Montour Trail from McDonald to world-famous Farm House Coffee and back, 32 miles round trip on a very mild day.

I'm always glad to ride out to Farm House, and today my thinking was it might be my last chance to ride out beyond the National Tunnel, which tends to accumulate ice stalagmites on the floor once the temperatures go steadily below freezing.

Unfortunately, FarmHouse Coffee is closed on Sunday, Day of Rest n'at, bad planning on my part. I finally ended up visiting the StarBucks across the street in spite of myself (nothing against SB, I just prefer an indy coffee shop).

On the return trip passing Henderson Park I read the sign on the white tandem for the first time, I've been by there before but never noticed it (it's been up for a few months, I'm told).

I think that's a great safety message without going saccharine-preachy, I think they did a good job on that.

The weather improved as the ride progressed, it ended up sunnier than I expected and not as windy.

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  1. very cool... I did a ride on Thanksgiving that brought me past the tandem ghost bike...

    also a bicycle riding Clydesdale