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Friday, November 11, 2011

A Blue Heron, 4000 miles

11/11/11 28miles
Rode 28 miles in 2h14m on the Montour Trail, 40F w/c 33F. Today's ride put my 2011 mileage above 4000 miles.

This was an excellent ride. I started from the Boggs Trailhead with midweight gloves on but switched to my Descent Wombat gloves which were toasty warm. I rode west to MP14, then east to MP0 in Groveton and back to Boggs.

I saw only one other person west of the Enlow Tunnel. On the east side of the Tunnel, I saw a dozen joggers, a few walkers, one bicyclist, and one unicylist.

On the final leg, riding west at MP3.5-ish, I saw a blue heron with the biggest wingspan I've ever seen, flying low over the creek as if it was working in ground effect. It was a magnificent sight.

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