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Saturday, November 5, 2011

DNS: Intentions Don't Mean Squat

11/05/11 #238 DNS
Beautiful day, no riding.

It strikes me that I may need a new TLA (three letter acronym, a mate to DNF (did not finish) and a cousin to DLF (dead last) - I may need DNS (did not start).

I had planned an epic ride - a few hours at work and hitting the road. I did spend a few hours at work, but when I went to my start point I discovered - no cycling shoes with clips, they were still at home, and no help being there. Arrggghhhh.

By the time I returned home and recovered the shoes the opportunity (and the spirit) waned, and it was a great afternoon to be home. We'll see what tomorrow holds.

Week 41
this week:
138 miles
  [4th quarter: 619 miles]    
2011: 3885 miles

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