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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Good Signs

11/09/11 #236 30m
Rode 30 miles in 65F. Excellent conditions for Nov. in Pittsburgh.

I parked my car at the Boggs Trailhead and while I was fooling with my phone I heard a tap on the window and I was surprised to see my friend S. with her bike. S was out on a 38 mile ride and it was serendipitous to meet.

We east rode together and took the Airport Connector. I noticed this sign on the main trail, I had not seen it before. On a weekday, there are vehicles on the airport service roads and we saw three or four yellow trucks with big numbers painted on the side. We waved at each one, trying to make a good first impression as friendly cyclists (as opposed to anarchists).

The new section is really an excellent route and the up-and-down and changing scenery are a welcome diversion to the old tried-and-true trail.

We reversed and rode to MP0, and then I returned alone to Boggs. We rode for about two hours and in that time the sky changed from sunny to overcast, but it was 65F in Pittsburgh in November, and I got to ride in a jersey and shorts sans wool and layers, and it was a very pleasant ride.

Also, I received a patch (a physical artifact via snail mail!!) today for completing the Coffeeneuring Challenge, thank you very much MG!

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