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Monday, August 29, 2011

Monkey Butt Monday

8/29/11 #228

Recently at a bike-trail media event, I had the opportunity to discuss distance cycling with local reporter Brenda Waters. She told us her story of riding in a long-distance charity ride and experiencing a discomfort that the other riders explained was called "monkey butt".

I had never heard of Monkey Butt, and discredited the story as somebody pulling her leg. Who ever heard of Monkey Butt? I never did. Until today.

My left knee is problematic, my friends with knee-experience tell me it's probably overuse and insufficient stretching, which seems likely because I have been using it a lot, and I haven't stretched in at least 15 years.

The timing is unfortunate, since I hope to go on a long ride with my riding buds next week. So I am elevating, icing, and hoping, and passing the time by surfing bike blogs.

We are always eager to read Urban Velo's blog, since they are (1) credible, (2) informative, and (3) Burgh-based. Their blog post today is about a commercial product for bike commuters called Safari Towels, and it opens with the best opening sentence seen in many years:
"From the minds that brought you Anti Monkey Butt Powder comes Safari Towels".

The website, AntiMonkeyButt.com, uses lighthearted graphics and a euphemistic style to sell a powdery, prophylactic treatment to prevent Monkey Butt.

In recent years, the product line has expanded to include Lady Anti-Monkey-Butt Powder (for the distaff riders), and Baby Anti-Monkey-Butt Powder (for the surrogate children of cyclists).

Faced with the obvious use of the term "monkey butt", and wondering what the received body of knowledge is on the topic, we resorted to Googling the term, an act not to be taken lightly (or at work). The Urban Dictionary reports that monkeybutt describes a chafing irritation in the areas generally covered by bike shorts. Fortunately, AntiMonkeyButt.com provides a brief video explanation of the term:

We extend to the lovely (and well-informed) Brenda Waters our sincere apology.

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