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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Painting and a Black Powder Encampment

8/20/11 #229 15miles

I've been off the bike since Sunday, participating in an infrequent domestic exercise called "painting the living room". It seems to take longer as I get older. We have transitioned to a lovely colorway known as "crème brûlée", and it is every bit as fabulous as you would expect.

The week off the bike was probably good in that I've been riding pretty steady, and a modicum of diversion is always a good thing (moderation and all that...) but the interruption was mildly bad in that my stuff gets disorganized when I'm not riding. The gear in my car gets rolled up, the bike stuff in my house gets hidden put away while we're prepping rooms, I took off my RiderID and didn't get it back on for today's ride - just the normal snafu's that come with a break in routine.

Got a short ride in this afternoon after completing the last coat of paint, just 15 miles but it was great to be back on the bike.

I came upon an interesting encampment at the gun club on the Montour Trail. Several old-style tents, men and women wearing centuries-old clothing styles, and if you looked closely enough you might see a smartphone or a cold bottle of beer.

I spoke to one of the participants, I assumed it was a historic reenactment but I learned it's the 3rd Annual Robert "Bob" Haushalter Memorial Shoot. It's a black-powder shooting event, participants are encouraged to use time-appropriate equipment and clothing, and a donation from the event is made to the National Cancer Society in Mr. Haushalter's name.

Very cool; there's always something going on around the bike trails.

Week 32
this week:
52 miles
[3rd quarter: 1091 miles]   
2011: 2826 miles

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