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Friday, August 5, 2011

35-Mile Friday via the Tranquil Nine-Mile Duck (T9MD)

8/05/11 #227

Rode 35 miles in the city today, mostly trails, some streets in Oakland, Squirrel Hill, and Hazelwood.

I rode with J, M, and S. We started at the Penitentiary, rode around the stadia where I glommed onto the stern of a Just Ducky tour boat/bus and skitched a pull for a little bit. We rode out to Washington's Landing and the 31st Street Bridge, used Railroad Avenue to the Strip Trail and the Mon-Whorf Trail to the Jail Trail, then Junction Hollow up to CMU. (stopped to catch breath).

Then we rode cross-town to Squirrel Hill and stopped at Starbucks for a proper respite. Back on Forbes to Frick Park, the Tranquil Trail, the Nine Mile Run Trail, the Duck Hollow Trail (a combo I may start referring to as the Tranquil Nine Mile Duck or T9MD), and Second Avenue back to the Hot Metal Bridge.

We rode back and forth on the SouthSide Trail, took a break outside REI, then north to Station Square, the Ft. Pitt and Ft. Duquesne Bridges (which I may start referring to as the Two-Fort-Bridges). Near the stadia we saw a rider on an extremely cool hand-crank recumbent trike, it was radically low to the ground - outside of the wheels, I doubt anything was more than 18 inches off the road.

We rode the Casino Trail back to the Penitentiary. We sadly note that Mr. Rogers' red knit sweater is no longer in evidence.

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