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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hump Day: Hennessy Hammocks?

8/03/11 #226

Today was a rainy day, and my second day off the bike since my overnight trip. Back on the bike tomorrow, I hope.

I am noodling the concept of bike camping (as opposed to credit-card touring). I like the idea of self-contained / self-sufficient travel, and I really like the idea of not being locked into the location of hotels for overnight stops. I also really like the idea of not spending $90 a night for lodging.

I've been resisting camping because I don't want to sleep on the ground; I want a bed - which is why I was in the Navy, and not the Army. I want a bed and a hot shower. A bed, a hot shower, and wifi. And a hot tub and NPR and 3G coverage.

I've been reading and hearing more about hammocks and bicycle camping. It seems like Hennessy Hammocks have a good reputation. I really like the idea of camping without sleeping on the ground, and I like the idea of having a middle capability between getting a hotel room and begging for the kindness of strangers.

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