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Monday, August 8, 2011

Cycling Glove Disintegration

Rode 26 miles on the Montour Trail, very nice day for a ride. (80F) There was rain in the area but not on the trail, and I think that kept trail traffic to a minimum. The bike is doing real well.

I have tentative plans for a Thursday ride in Ohio of some 75 miles, and a Saturday ride with some friends through the Kennywood trail.

I have a favorite type of bicycle gloves, Ironman Elite gloves by Spenco; in my opinion they offer the best protection against hand numbness and nerve damage (ulnar neuropathy, aka handlebar palsy). I bought a pair in May and over the last three days they've disintegrated on me in the area around the fingers. I took them back to the bike shop and have hopes of a refund or replacement. (I wish REI sold this glove) In the meantime I bought another pair, because I really like these gloves.

I did revert to my habit of listening to NPR while riding on a trail, the news on 90.5 was all about the stock market, so I listened to 91.3 and they had a pretty good show on - a visiting band, Foster the People, played guest DJ's and presented a very eclectic selection, perfect riding music.

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