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Friday, August 12, 2011

Boggs on the Montour Trail; so Beta it's Meta

8/12/11 #229 26m

Rode 26 miles on the Montour Trail, from the Boggs Trailhead to MP13, reverse back to MP0, round trip back to Boggs. A nice day, 80F with a bit of wind.

It looks like a clearing is being made around MP9.5-ish, it will be interesting to see what develops there. I must say that the Montour Trail folks do a very nice job, the Cliff Mine Road trailhead (a recent improvement) is excellent.

I've been experimenting with Google/Android MyTracks and so far haven't produced a suitable map of a bike ride yet. I think it must be me, Google generally doesn't turn out clunky counter-intuitive interfaces. Maybe it's so beta it's meta.

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