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Thursday, July 28, 2011

This mirror makes my hips look big!

07/28/11 #222 42miles

After yesterday's hard ride I certainly slept well. Today, mid-morning was a bit stupid and trying, so I thought "what would ge a perfect thing to do?" and I went and rode my bike.

I've been messing around with a rear-view mirror. Although most bicycle accidents are not vehicle-overtaking-bike-from-behind, I think it would add to my situational awareness. I've been looking at the Mirricycle mounted to the brake hoods, but alas it is not compatible with my (excellent) Cane Creek brake levers - the Mirricycle requires Shimano STI hoods.

I saw a German rear-view mirror on the Rivendell site, and I ended up seeing it and being able to hold it in my hand at ProBikes, so I made the leap and the purchase. I attached it before I rode. I like it a lot, except that the concave lens makes my hips look big in the mirror.

About 12 miles into my ride I stopped under a shade tree where the trail goes though a residential neighborhood, and with NPR in my earphones my mood improved to the point where I managed to semi-doze off. I was shaken out of my reverie by a voice from a car yelling something about cyclists keep off the grass, it was my friend R driving through. That was pretty good.

Shortly after that it rained for a few miles, nothing dramatic.

I continued to the FarmHouse Coffee complex, had a sandwich from Subway, chillaxed with a drink in the garden, and watched a line of thunderstorms run through the northern side of the city, on a line roughly Beaver-Pittsburgh-Monroeville. It is very cool to have realtime weather info on a phone.

I returned the way I came, and got off the trail as dusk set it around 8pm.

Riding a bike was just what I needed today.

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