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Saturday, July 2, 2011

End of Week: 192 miles, 221 pounds

7/2/11 #221

Week 26
this week: 192 miles   [2nd quarter: 1368 ]    2011: 1735

End of the week: 192 miles, 221 pounds. It would be fantastic to reverse those numbers.

I had intended to ride today (and I had a kitchen pass) but it didn't happen; I had the chance to spend some time with my son early in the morning, my wife at mid-morning, and my daughter this afternoon and this evening, so today was a rest day.

The only big reason for riding today was if I'd ridden another 9 miles it would have been a 200-mile-week (my second in 2011), but that's not too much of a good reason for riding, and it was good to go the other way for a day. The bike will be there tomorrow.

I did purchase a Droid/Verizon smart phone, I'm eager to see what the GPS and mapping do on a bike ride.

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