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Monday, July 18, 2011

Mia and JJ's Whitsett Oasis

7/18/11 #221 52miles
Rode 52 miles 90F, West Newton to Connellsville round-trip. Got wet in rain the last two miles, and was happy to have gotten the cover onto my Brooks saddle before the skies really opened up. Major rain in the area.

This is a great ride, but there's not a lot of cold drinks available over the 25-mile segment between West Newton and Connellsville. Fortunately, today I availed myself of the services of Mia and JJ's Lemonade Stand in Whitsett. A fair price, a cold drink, in a difficult location.

Connellsville has it's world-famous Sheetz and trail-side bike shop, the riverfront park shelters have electrical outlets for phone charging -- it's a bike-friendly town.

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