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Monday, July 11, 2011

I Can Stand the Rain

7/11/11 #217

Rode 31 miles on the Montour Trail, McDonald to McMurray round trip, 92F.

I did something I've been overdue for: I fell off the bicycle, near Morganza Road. I was riding too fast and turning not fast enough, I ended up in the rough and when I saw a drainage ditch in the clutter I locked it up to stay out of the ditch. I bounced off my right side pretty well, but that's the good thing about being a Bumble.

While having a snack in McMurray I fired up the droid to look at the weather, and there were big yellow-red things approaching my position. I rushed along in an attempt to make the National Tunnel before the storm did, but it beat me by several miles and I was well and truly soaked.

Fortunately it was a warm rain, and it wasn't the worst thing in the world. Later on the drive home, I realized that if I'd waited an hour I would have stayed mostly dry (with very muddy fenders) but that's OK.

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