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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sun 8/22

0800 #236
0900 BP118/74 P80, BP119/75 P77
0915 two breakfast burritos
1420 one SlimJim, two poptarts
1430 started riding, Jail Trail and Northside Trail, 15 miles
1700 BP84/59 P94, BP86/56 P90
1900 BP93/62 P80
1915 Dinner. Roast beef, broccoli.
2000 collapsed after standing and walking into hallway. Came to in a heap on floor.
2010 took BP, BP84/61 P93.
2100 BP84/61 P93
2145 BP94/62 P81

Third event in three weeks. Second event in two days.

Trends: in evening, 5pm to 8pm,
after taking second dose of meds,
2 minutes after standing up from sitting position


2209 sitting: 101/63 P81
2210 immediately after standing: BP100/66 P88
2212 two mins after standing: BP99/70 P88

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