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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sat 8/21

0830 breakfast: one bowl bran buds
1130 pop tarts
1200 started bike ride. ate banana, ham and cheese sandwich, 2 packs honey, 2 fig newtons
1600 ended bike ride, 32 miles on trail in 2:48 bike time, rode McDonald - Valleyville Road r/t, ate an apple
1900 dinner: one stuffed pepper, linguine with vegetables
MILEAGE: 54 miles this week, 787 miles this year

2010 knock at the door, stood to answer, coming through kitchen very lightheaded, leaned with back against wall, knees kept buckling. Finally buckling ceased, made way to a chair.
2030 BP 91/63 Pulse 79, BP 92/65 P79
2100 BP 94/65 P78
2300 BP 101/66 P80, BP 97/62 P78, BP91/60 P80, BP97/61 P78

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